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Everything to Know About the Foot Rescue Advanced Restorative Treatment

"The feet are two parts of the body that don’t get much attention. Dry, rough, cracked and calloused feet are such common issues I see in the clinic everyday. More often than not, your standard creams and lotions won’t cut it. This ointment works to address these issues with visible results overnight."

- Dr. Sam Ellis

The morphological parameters of skin thickness and roughness vary by body site. Feet are load-bearing and have a thicker stratum corneum, as well as an additional layer called the stratum lucidum, compared to other anatomical regions, to accommodate high friction and pressure. One study measured a stratum corneum thickness of 601 μm of the feet compared to 297 μm for fingertips, 104 μm for cheek, and 98 μm for forearm. There are contributing factors to the variability of stratum corneum thickness of feet among individuals including gender and age. In the study, males had a significantly higher stratum corneum thickness at the heel compared to females; however, with increasing age, more women experience hyperkeratosis than males which is the overproduction of keratin and subsequent skin thickening. Hyperkeratosis can lead to callus and corn formations on the feet. Proper exfoliation is recommended to help prevent the formation of corn and calluses that can cause pain and require OTC drug products for treatment or professional removal.

What is the Foot Rescue Advanced Restorative Treatment?

Our Prequel Foot Rescue Advanced Restorative Treatment features 15% urea, 5% salicylic acid, 2% malic acid, and petrolatum to exfoliate, soften, and smooth dry, rough and cracked feet. Studies have shown that utilizing these ingredients over time can help reduce the potential formation of corns and calluses. Urea is part of the natural moisturizing factor of skin and can support the skin barrier and enhance water binding capacity. Its function is dependent on the use level with low levels providing humectant properties while higher levels including 15% exhibiting keratolytic properties, breaking down keratin and decreasing the thickness of the outermost layer of skin. Salicylic acid is a desmolytic agent that disrupts cellular junctions or connections between skin cells to loosen dead skin and exfoliate. Our foot ointment also includes malic acid, which has both alpha and beta hydroxy acid properties, that acts as a keratolytic agent. The combination of desmolytic and keratolytic ingredients are part of our Xerosis Improving Complex. Xerosis is defined as clinically dry or excessively dry skin. Our Foot Rescue Advanced Restorative Treatment takes a multifold approach to abnormally dry skin on the feet by including not only exfoliating ingredients but occlusives to seal in skin moisture and humectants to hydrate and enhance the efficacy of the exfoliating ingredients. It improves the visual signs overnight to deliver baby soft feet, helping to eliminate dead skin, smooth cracked heels, and even overall skin texture. It is fragrance-free, allergy-tested, dermatologist-developed, and dermatologist-tested.

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