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gleanser glycerin cleanser

Everything To Know About The Gleanser Non-Drying Glycerin Cleanser

“A cleanser is an important step in any skincare routine but for many it can be the most irritating step so I created Gleanser to fit all skin types and work for both the face and body.”- Dr. Sam Ellis

Our Gleanser, named for its high level of glycerin, is a non-drying gel cleanser developed for both face and body since skin concerns also exist below the neck. The purpose of a cleanser is to remove superficial skin impurities including excess sebum, pollution, makeup, and sunscreen but needs to be formulated in a way to minimize stripping of skin’s natural skin lipids. Surfactants, when not formulated properly, have the potential to solubilize skin lipids resulting in dryness as well as denature skin proteins leading to swelling, redness, and irritation. A balance is needed to properly cleanse removing both oil and water soluble impurities on the skin’s surface without leaving skin tight, dry, or irritated. It is also difficult to formulate a product that can deposit something on the skin surface and hydrate the skin while still properly cleansing. Our glycerin cleanser was formulated to remove even stubborn waterproof makeup and sunscreen while still delivering 24 hour hydration.

The goal was to create a universal cleanser that would work for all skin types and deliver hydration immediately as well as long term hydration while leaving the skin’s acid mantle intact. The star ingredient is glycerin, a peer-reviewed, well known humectant found in many leave-on products. It is hygroscopic and brings moisture to the skin helping maintain hydration, support the skin barrier, and increase skin elasticity. When used in a cleanser, it hinders the ability of the surfactant micelles, responsible for cleansing, from penetrating into the skin barrier through the stratum corneum’s aqueous pores. This reduces irritation and dryness by reducing surfactant-skin interaction. Our Gleanser contains 50% glycerin, making it the predominant ingredient in the cleanser. We added soothing oat and aloe as well as Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCl, a unique cationic material made up of glycerin and the NMF molecule arginine. Arginine is known for its superior adsorption properties due to its charge and offers long lasting moisture.

To further sustain skin hydration after washing, we used a unique delivery system of plant-based inulin combined with lecithin derived liposomes. Inulin is a natural sugar extract from chicory root as well as prebiotic and keeps the skin hydrated even in a rinse-off product. It is a polymer of fructose oligosaccharide that forms a flexible film on the skin’s surface protecting it from transepidermal water loss. Our Gleanser is formulated to pH 4.5 keeping the skin’s acid mantle intact. Atopic dermatitis and acneic prone skin usually exhibit an elevated skin pH and using products with a lower or acidic pH, a process called acidification, can help improve overall skin health.

We validated the hydration of our Gleanser by clinically testing on 33 male and female participants at an independent testing facility. Technicians measured moisture content on the forearm with a corneometer at baseline, immediately after application, and 24 hours following application. 91% of subjects showed immediate improvement in skin hydration (p <0.001) and 94% of subjects showed hydration after 24 hours post-application.

Our Gleanser is also safe for sensitive skin including those with diagnosed rosacea. After 1 week twice daily use of Gleanser, participants with diagnosed rosacea saw statistically significant improvement in rosacea signs including 26% reduction in redness, 27% reduction in flushing severity, and 38% reduction in facial acne (p<0.01).

Our Gleanser is fragrance free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, suitable for all skin types, safe for sensitive skin, and safe for eczema prone skin. It also received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance and National Rosacea Society Seal of Acceptance. This head-to-toe cleansing product keeps you clean while providing long-lasting hydration.


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