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Everything to Know About the Hand Wrap Shielding Lotion

"For me, it was important to create a hand cream that really protected the skin on my hands. I wanted to create a product that not only helped hydrate and nourish but also provided a barrier to help prevent moisture loss even after hand washing. And it’s not just great for those in the doctor's office. Everyone can benefit from using this product."

- Dr. Sam Ellis

The skin on the hands can easily get dry and irritated due to hand washing, hand sanitizers, climate changes, surgical or latex gloves, solar radiation, and external irritants. Continuous exposure to irritants or hand washing can also lead to contact dermatitis and exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. While certain habits and environmental conditions may not change, steps can be taken to help shield the hands, reducing dryness and limiting penetration of irritants in the skin.

What is the Hand Wrap Shielding Lotion?

Our Prequel Hand Wrap Shielding Lotion creates a flexible film on the skin to help reduce water loss even after hand washing. It features a water-resistant film former, lipids, phytosterols, and lipid layer enhancers to prevent dryness while improving healthy skin barrier function. It creates a breathable shield on the skin to prevent external irritants from aggravating the skin but will not impact normal sweat production. Lipid layer enhancers, sometimes referred to as refatting agents, provide replenishing lipids in the skin lost through washing. A blend of glycolipids, sodium hyaluronate, soybean sterols, and phytosterols mimic the lipid layer to support the skin barrier. Our Hand Wrap Shielding Lotion absorbs quickly and is third party clinically tested for 24 hours of wear helping to prevent moisture loss even after hand washing. If you are washing your hands repeatedly we suggest reapplying every 4 hours to better protect the skin. It is fragrance-free, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, suitable for all skin types, safe for sensitive skin, safe for eczema prone skin, dermatologist-developed, and dermatologist-tested.

DISCLAIMER: All skin care articles are intended to help educate on specific ingredients and skin care topics. Our articles are written to be informative and informational. Any reference to a specific patient experience is not a medical suggestion for treatment. Please note that any Prequel products with referenced ingredients are formulated for Cosmetic Use Only and NOT intended as replacements for physician advice and/or pharmaceutical product recommendations.



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