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redness reform soothing serum

Everything to Know about Redness Reform Soothing Serum

“Facial skin redness is one of the most common concerns I see and something I struggle with myself. There are different causes of redness and different ways to target it. This serum provides a comprehensive solution to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation, and it’s become a staple in my skincare routine.” - Dr. Sam Ellis, Founder

Our Prequel Redness Reform Soothing Serum is clinically tested for immediate and long term relief:

  • 96% of participants agreed that their skin felt SOOTHED after a single application
  • 100% of participants agreed that their skin felt SOOTHED after 28 days of use
  • 90% of participants agreed it felt COOLING on their skin
  • 100% of participants felt the serum ABSORBS QUICKLY after application
  • 100% of participants agreed that their skin felt HYDRATED after 28 days of use
  • 100% of participants agreed it visually EVENED their skin tone after 28 days of use
  • 90% of participants felt it NEUTRALIZED skin redness after 28 days
  • 84% of participants felt their skin was LESS REACTIVE after 28 days of use

There are several causes of facial skin redness, making it challenging to target and address. First, facial redness can be genetic and due to skin conditions such as rosacea. This goes beyond simply having a cool or rosy undertone. Those with rosacea can struggle with facial flushing and telangiectasia (visible, dilated blood vessels on the skin). Redness associated with rosacea can be chronic or intermittent and is often triggered by certain stimuli such as sunlight or heat. This skin condition has periods of flare-ups and remission and is best treated by a dermatologist. However, cosmetic products can be included in one’s skincare routine to help reduce flares and counter visible facial redness.

Another genetic aspect to facial redness is one’s disposition toward post-inflammatory erythema. After acne or a breakout, those with more fair-toned skin (Fitzpatrick types I-III) can develop pink or red spots on the skin where active blemishes used to be; this is known as post-inflammatory erythema. This may not be limited to post-acne incidents and can occur after any bout of skin inflammation. Typically this will fade over time (weeks to months) but resolution can be expedited with in-office treatments such as with pulsed dye laser. Cosmetic products containing known anti-inflammatory ingredients can also be used to help minimize post-inflammatory erythema by reducing the degree of inflammation from the start.

Also related to genetics is allergic contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction to something that comes in contact with your skin. This varies by individual and the redness, often accompanying a rash, can go away after removing the allergen from your routine. Other skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (a.k.a. eczema), psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis can cause facial redness and management can include over-the-counter and/or prescription medication. Cosmetic products can provide a complementary role by limiting irritation and by supporting the skin barrier.

Most of us have experienced the transitory facial redness caused by external aggressors such as sun exposure, wind, cold weather, pollutants, over exfoliation, and potent active ingredients like tretinoin or other retinoids. These external aggressors can compromise the skin barrier which leads to increased water loss and greater entry of allergens and irritants on the skin. When the skin barrier–– the shield to the external world–– is compromised, it can exacerbate underlying skin pathologies such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis. Solar radiation (sunlight) in particular can lead to a depletion of endogenous antioxidants within the skin that fight free radicals. Free radicals can create a chain reaction leading to oxidative stress, inflammation, and subsequently skin redness. When selecting cosmetic products to visibly reduce facial skin redness, look for ingredients that soothe, replenish cutaneous antioxidants, and support the skin barrier.

We created our Redness Reform Soothing Serum to optically reduce redness and irritation from multiple angles. It contains traditional ingredients known to comfort the skin and reduce visible irritation including arnica, oat kernel extract, and dipotassium glycyrrhizate. The dipotassium glycyrrhizate, an active molecule in licorice, can also help brighten and even out overall skin tone. This lightweight and refreshing serum also features linoleic and linolenic acids, two essential fatty acids collectively called Vitamin F. Together these ingredients address dry, stressed, and sensitive skin supporting healthy skin barrier function.

Our truly unique skincare technology lies in our Soothing Molecules blend. This custom blend includes chemically advanced molecules inspired by nature but with significant soothing benefits. We named the blend Soothing Molecules because many of these modified molecules are a mouthful to say but provide undeniably beneficial topical redness relief. First is Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid, a synthetic avenanthramide analogue. Avenanthramides are critical active molecules in oats that reduce inflammatory reactions while providing antioxidant benefits. This material, classified as Dihydroavenanthramide D, provides neurosensory soothing while helping calm reactive skin quickly and over time. Second, we added magnesium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, a derivative of baker’s yeast. This modified beta glucan, a polysaccharide already known for skin soothing and calming, helps reduce skin’s sensitivity. It provides skin with increased innate protection and enhanced tolerability to keep the skin barrier intact and provide ultimate skin comfort. Lastly, our Soothing Molecules blend contains Piperonyl Glucoside. It is a molecule formed by attaching a hydrating sugar molecule, glucose, to piperonylic alcohol which alleviates skin stress and limits exaggerated responses by the skin to external aggressors. This not only addresses transitory redness and hinders redness flare ups, but also helps with chronic visual redness.

Our Redness Reform Soothing Serum was tested as part of a skincare regimen on diagnosed rosacea patients under the care of a dermatologist. The full regimen and results are discussed in our skin routine options article but introducing the Redness Reform Soothing Serum into a monitored routine showed visibly reduced facial redness results. Our Gleanser glycerin cleanser was used for 1 week, then Redness Reform Soothing Serum was added into the routine for a week, and the participants saw statistically significant improvement in symptoms including 35% reduction in redness, 42% reduction in flushing severity, 34% reduction in flushing frequency, and 41% reduction in facial acne (p<0.01). The Redness Reform Serum also received the National Rosacea Society Seal of Acceptance and National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. As a disclaimer, the Redness Reform Soothing Serum is not intended to treat rosacea or eczema or to substitute consulting with a qualified healthcare professional. The Seals of Acceptance and the referenced study data are meant to guide those that suffer with rosacea or eczema to products that do not contain ingredients that are known to be generally unsuitable for use by people with sensitive rosacea or eczema skin.

The Redness Reform Soothing Serum is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types, safe or sensitive skin, and safe for eczema-prone skin. If you are looking to optically improve your facial redness or simply need a skin soothing serum, the Redness Reform Soothing Serum is an easy product to slip into your routine.

DISCLAIMER: All skin care articles are intended to help educate on specific ingredients and skin care topics. Our articles are written to be informative and informational. Any reference to a specific patient experience is not a medical suggestion for treatment. Please note that any Prequel products with referenced ingredients are formulated for Cosmetic Use Only and NOT intended as replacements for physician advice and/or pharmaceutical product recommendations.



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