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Everything To Know About The Urea Advanced Relief Moisturizing Milk

Urea is a natural component in the skin that supports the skin barrier function and enhances water binding capacity. It is part of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) necessary for hydration and integrity of the stratum corneum. Its benefit when used in topical skincare is dependent on the use level. At 10% is acts as both a humectant and a keratolytic agent. Through its humectant properties, it attracts and retains moisture in the skin while restoring skin’s natural barrier function. As a keratolytic agent, it dissolves the protein holding dead skin cells together, gently exfoliating. This also helps enhance the absorption of other skin care actives. Urea can also help soften rough, thick, and scaly skin that can occur from psoriasis and eczema. This versatile ingredient helps achieve softer, smoother, and more hydrated skin.

In addition to 10% pure urea, our Urea Moisturizing Milk contains an emulsifier blend with a unique lipid composition rich in sterols and pentacyclic triterpenes, natural precursor to steroids, that forms a lightweight protective veil on the skin. This flexible film supports the skin barrier and reduces skin stress caused by environmental aggressors. Our emulsifier blend not only reinforces the skin barrier and provides long lasting moisturization, but also soothes skin and improves the skin’s tolerance level. When the skin barrier is restored, irritants such as pollution are limited in their ability to penetrate the skin causing redness and irritation. Our Urea Moisturizing Milk restores hydration homeostasis without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin.

Added shea butter and jojoba esters further help prevent transepidermal water loss, the passive evaporation of water through the skin which is also an indication of skin barrier health. Glycerin and niacinamide improve barrier function further locking in moisture.

We validated the hydration of our Urea Moisturizing Milk by clinically testing on 33 male and female participants at an independent testing facility. Technicians measured moisture content on the forearm with a corneometer at baseline, immediately after application, 30 minutes after application, and 24 hours following application. Compared to the baseline, 100% of subjects showed immediate improvement in skin hydration, 100% of subjects showed increased hydration after 30 minutes, and 97% of subjects showed increased hydration after 24 hours post-application.

Our Urea Advanced Relief 10% Urea Moisturizing Milk is non-greasy, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, suitable for all skin types, safe for sensitive skin, safe for eczema prone skin, dermatologist-developed, and dermatologist-tested. It’s suitable for both face and body to smooth rough skin, gently exfoliate, reduce congestion, support skin barrier function, and improve overall skin hydration

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