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Welcome to Prequel's Skin Notes skincare blog. We’re passionate about skin health education. Skin Notes is a collection of articles that focus on skincare concerns, ingredients, technologies and more.
hypochlorous acid for skin

Hypochlorous Acid in Skincare

Hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidizing agent that can help reduce bacterial bioburden on the skin to address topical systems of congestion and rosacea. Also helps improve the overall health and appearance of skin by soothing and calming irritated or damaged skin.

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allantoin for skin

Allantoin in Skincare

Allantoin is a compound that can be found in several plants, such as comfrey, chamomile, and wheat sprouts. In topical medical treatments, it's used to promote wound healing and in skincare, allantoin is recognized for its soothing, moisturizing and keratolytic (skin-softening) properties. 

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adenosine in skincare

Adenosine in Skincare

Adenosine, a bio-organic compound found in every cell of our bodies, has gained recent recognition in the skincare industry for its topical restorative and skin-soothing properties. Particularly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and improving skin elasticity, adenosine is a promising ingredient for those seeking to achieve overall healthier looking skin.

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skin barrier support

Dermatologist Tips for Skin Barrier Support and Hydrated, Healthy Skin

Your skin barrier is like a shield that protects your body from environmental aggressors, such as pollution, UV rays, and harmful microorganisms. When this barrier is compromised, it can lead to various skin issues ranging from dryness and sensitivity to infection and chronic inflammation. Made up of skin cells and a blend of fats and proteins secreted by skin cells deeper in the dermis, the skin barrier essentially guards your body against the outside world while preserving moisture and key lipids that keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Maintaining a strong skin barrier is essential for skin that looks and feels its best.

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breaking out vs purging

Is Your Skin Purging or Just Breaking Out?

If you've ever incorporated a new skincare product into your routine, particularly a retinoid or an exfoliant, you may have experienced new breakouts or skin reactions. While initially alarming, this process, known as "purging," can be a sign that your skincare product is effectively working. Dr. Sam Ellis, a board-certified dermatologist, sheds light on this phenomenon.

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skin barrier

Dermatologist's Guide to Repairing Your Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier is your first line of defense against environmental stressors, and nurturing it is vital for healthy, glowing skin. By following this dermatologist-approved morning skincare routine, you can effectively repair and strengthen your skin barrier, leading to a happier and healthier complexion. With dedication and the right products, you'll be well on your way to achieving a resilient, high functioning skin barrier.

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Barrier Therapy Skin Protectant Cream for face and body

Everything To Know About The Barrier Therapy Skin Protectant Cream

Our Barrier Therapy Skin Protectant Cream for face and body is part of our Skin Protectant platform, a drug category identified by the FDA meant to protect injured or exposed skin from harmful or annoying stimuli while helping to provide relief to the skin. Containing 1% Colloidal Oatmeal, our Barrier Therapy Skin Protectant Cream addresses dryness, eczema flare-ups, and atopic dermatitis. 

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acne-prone skin type

What to Know About Having an Acne-Prone Skin Type

Acne-prone skin refers to skin that is prone to developing various types of acne lesions, including blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts, and comedones—those small, skin-colored bumps commonly found on the forehead and chin. This skin type is characterized by several factors, such as increased sebum production, inflammation, clogged pores, and the presence of the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria on the skin. 

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DISCLAIMER: All skin care articles are intended to help educate on specific ingredients and skin care topics. Our articles are written to be informative and informational. They are not indicative of individual performance. Results may vary per applicant. Any reference to a specific patient experience is not a medical suggestion for treatment. Please note that any Prequel products with referenced ingredients are formulated for Cosmetic Use Only and NOT intended as replacements for physician advice and/or pharmaceutical product recommendations.


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